Art to oven cleaning

By Janet Spencer

There is an art to oven cleaning.

Art to oven cleaning

We would like all our landlords, tenants and of course clients to be aware that they can harm their oven by cleaning it with corrosive and possibly dangerous oven cleaning chemicals.

We were chatting to one of our preferred, professional oven cleaners this morning and he says he frequently takes the back plate off an oven and there is a thick coat of white powder, chemicals on the back wall of the oven. Guessing it may not healthy to have that cooking along with your leg of lamb.

Last week at an executive property we manage in Brighton, the oven was cleaned three times. Twice by the professional cleaners that the tenant had hired and paid in good faith. Still not clean. This was a brand new oven and there was no question that it was the tenant’s responsibility to have it clean. So, we sent a third company who we know only uses natural products like bicarbonate of soda and citrus products.

Feedback whilst he was onsite was a little shocking. We saved this oven but he said the corrosive, spray can oven cleaning product that the previous company had used could have and nearly did damage the thermostat inside the expensive, top of the range, imported double oven. He says he sees this a lot,  I am not sure what the cost of a new thermostat would have been but I am absolutely certain that our landlords would have been furious at this expense as the ovens are only six months old.

So, lesson learnt. Not all oven cleaners are equal. Some products could harm your health and harm your oven. Be careful which oven cleaning company you employ and ask them how they clean the oven. Good property management requires we proactively care for the property and that means the appliances. We also will educate tenants on this going forward.

In future, we will be using one of our two preferred oven cleaning companies in our own homes. I do this each year before Christmas.

For assistance and introductions to reliable tradespeople, you can email us via our website.

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