Looking for a Buyers Agent in Melbourne?

Our Buyer’s Agents, also know as Buyer’s Advocates, will help you buy property in Melbourne. Our team are qualified, committed and passionate about researching and negotiating the best result in property to achieve your desired result.

When you use a Buyers Agent, you get more than help with buying a property. We will walk you through the process and reduce the stress and the emotional roller coaster ride of searching for and buying property. Plus save time, money and most importantly prevent costly mistakes.

We work as Buyers Agents for:

Melbourne Buyers Agent services in Melbourne

Helping our client to bid and win at auction. Buyers Agent services in Melbourne

Why use a Buyers Agent?

We work for you, the buyer and will throughly research properties and the market to make sure you are informed about all the property and market considerations in Melbourne, and are not overcapitalising.

Whether you are buying a home or an investment property, paying too much is not the right approach.

Our service includes:

  • real estate research
  • industry experience
  • sound local knowledge
  • due diligence
  • confidently and strategically bid at auction
  • negotiation
  • buying advice

Read more about the many good reasons as to why you should use a Buyers Agent.

What will our Buyers Agents do for you?

Our expertise in due diligence, market research, auction bidding, negotiating, buying off-market properties and overall property buying will save you time, stress and over capitalising in the Melbourne market. We empower you (the property buyer) to make confident, correct decisions and secure the Melbourne property that you want. Our Buyers Agents will ensure you:

  • are informed about your purchasing decision
  • don’t overpay
  • buy within budget
  • get the property features you request

Our aim is to secure the best property for the lowest negotiable price and most favourable terms. Many past clients have said that we take the stress out of the buying process and save them time and money.

You make your profit when you buy.

Using our Buyers Agent services, you will get local Melbourne knowledge about areas and homes with strong capital growth.

Selecting the right property, paying the right price, being the buyer of the quality property option all sounds easy, but it’s not.

Auction Representation.

You need nerves of steel and a sharp mind to compete at Melbourne’s auctions. Our professional auction bidding agent makes the process easier for you. Professional bidding could save you thousands and ensure you are the buyer putting up the sold sticker when the Auctioneer yells “sold”.

You want to buy the property and not miss out due to inexperience, nerves, poor bidding technique or for any other reason. So it makes sense to hire one of Buyer Solutions experienced auction bidders to secure the property for you.

We keep calm and objective through the auction and post auction negotiations.

Not all Buyer’s Agents are equal.

When you are buying property you want a tough, well informed, unemotional, experienced negotiator and highly regarded Estate Agent and specialist Buyers Agent on your side.

Ask these questions to ensure you are employing a reputable Buyers Agent in Melbourne.

  1. Is your Buyers Advocate licensed with the Business Licensing Authority?
  2. Does your Buyers Advocate have REIV membership? ( Real Estate Institute of Victoria)
  3. Is your Buyers Advocate a member of REBAA?  (Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia)
  4. Does your Buyers Agent have at least a Certificate IV in Estate Agency? ( Not the short 1 week course)

Got any further questions? Fill in the Quick Enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.

Is it Buyer’s Agent or Buyers Agent?

Grammatically it should be Buyer’s Agent, but it seems that Google search has not yet worked out the difference. We just want to make sure that people who are seeking our services can find us. We don’t want you to miss out on working with one of the longest serving and best Buyer’s Agents in Melbourne. We know our personalised approach gets fantastic results.


Watch this client testimonial to find out how our buyers agents can help you buy a property in Melbourne.

A very happy client moving to Melbourne tells us how he benefited from working with Melbourne buyers agent, Janet Spencer of Buyer Solutions. We helped him to secure a gorgeous new home and made the purchase process stress free, saving him time and money.


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