Why use a Buyer’s Agent?

Why do people use a buyer’s agent? Because they take out the guesswork.

Why do people use a buyer’s agent? Because we take all of the guesswork out of the equation for you to make the process of buying property as stress-free and as simple as possible. For most home buyers, property isn’t their main expertise, yet their biggest financial commitment. Why take the risk with your money?

No room for luck when you’re buying a house

Without the benefit of real estate research, industry experience or sound local knowledge, can you be sure:

  • you know what the house is worth right now?
  • you know whether the house is a good investment?
  • you’ve considered all better properties within your budget?
  • you know you aren’t buying a “lemon”?

With a Buyer Solutions buyer’s advocate, you won’t enter the market unprepared or be open to poor or rash decisions

A Buyer Solutions buyer’s advocate will:

  • be your personal house buyer agent, offering expert knowledge and advice
  • do the real estate research you need to buy a house that will grow in value
  • ‘get’ all the industry jargon and legal terminology because we know the game
  • use clearly defined goals to skilfully and objectively negotiate your house purchase
  • confidently and strategically bid at auction to cool competition and keep within budget
  • ensure you don’t overpay due to emotion, inexperience or selling agent pressure tactics

A buyer’s agent works for you

Just think, who is the selling agent is working for? Not you … they work for the vendor. Many home buyers succumb to their tactics. A Buyer Solutions agent won’t let that happen. We don’t get nervous, confused or intimated, we work for you to secure you the best deal.

The vendor has a selling agent. Don’t you deserve an expert house buyer’s agent working for you? Contact Buyer Solutions today to learn more.

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