What is a Buyer’s Agent?

What is a buyer’s agent?

What exactly is a buyer’s agent or buyer’s advocate? Put simply, a buyer’s agent wants to help you reach all your property goals.

At least that’s what the Buyer’s Agents or Buyer’s Advocates at Buyer Solutions want to do.

We provide buyer’s agent services to a wide range of people all across Melbourne, in Australia and overseas. For some, it is their first step into the property market, and after exhausting their time and energy, they look to us for guidance and advice – and we make it happen.

A buyer’s agent is someone you should trust

Trust is a massive issue when it comes to finding the right buyer’s agent, someone who works for your interests and not for their own hip pocket. As a testament to our care for customer needs, we’ve ranked over 95% (and as high as 99%) in the Australian Achievers Award for customer service since 2011.

A buyer’s agent listens to you – the buyer

We don’t have an agenda to sell our own listings. We have your criteria to meet. After listening to your requirements, we go in search across all the properties for sale to find what meets your criteria. Buying a property is a significant undertaking for a first home buyer or seasoned investor. We listen to your story now and we also listen out for your future.

A buyer’s agent will narrow your choices

From listening to you, we know what you want. Applying our knowledge across all of Melbourne, we build a profile of suitable location/price/property options just for you. And importantly, we inspect them and provide a detailed report on the merits of each property and the surrounding locality.

We know the tricks of the trade

As registered and practicing Real Estate Agents, we know how the industry works. And with a network spanning almost 15 years of advocacy we know the agents. We also have a broader network with access to properties that are not listed, giving you the opportunity to purchase properties that the broader market is not aware of.

A buyer’s agent is empathetic, but not drawn into the roller coaster of the process

For all our clients, purchasing property is an emotional and sometimes bumpy ride. This can lead to acting too hastily, paying too much or buying something you really don’t want just so you don’t miss out. We take all that emotion out of the process. If we’ve done our job well, you see only the properties that are relevant to you and pay a reasonable market price without over-capitalising. We can be there every step of the way from the searching to the auction bidding and the contract signing.


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